If you don’t have any special idea about the caricature body and background and have spare time for self-design of the caricature theme, you can order the template-based caricature.

You choose the body, the background and the illustrated images from the elements library, add and place them inside the caricature. You may also add a custom text somewhere in the image.  Also sharp and smiling photos of the person should be attached to the order.

When we have received the paid order with all the required materials, we create the artwork and send you a version for your review and approval.

You can request us to fix the face if needed (but not the body or background). After your final approval, you get high quality digital caricature A3 size (11.69×16.54 in./42×29.7 cm) PDF/JPG/PNG file, that you can print as poster, on tshirt or any gift at any local gift shop or photo printing service.