Order a custom cartoon image illustration

Order a custom cartoon image illustration


If you need a specific cartoon image that doesn’t exist in the images gallery, such as certain background, body, gadget, accessory, hair, vehicle, character or building, we can draw one just for you!

Custom cartoon images may be also useful for you when you if you are going to purchase a subscription to your own Business caricature maker, and want it to be loaded with your custom cartoon images instead or along with your products photos.

Also if you wish to advertise your products or services through Wish2Be FREE caricature maker, the custom cartoon images that we make for you, will be inserted into the general cartoon images categories at the top and all global (or local) free caricature maker users.

Each image drawing may take from a couple of hours to a number of days, depending on the image complexity and the order volume.

Please choose the best option that suits your needs and the budget and proceed with the order.

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The ordering process:

To order a custom cartoon image, you need to describe exactly each image content, character, accessory or a product, how it looks like, colors, details etc. You may attach a photo of your product or some visual reference of the item you want us to draw. Remember, we can’t read thoughts, don’t understand your business or project as you do and can’t guess what you have meant and didn’t write about. So, please, don’t leave a space for our creativity and be as much specific as you can.


Each type of the cartoon image has 2 price levels, that depends on your choice: exclusive and non-exclusive usage rights.
Exclusive rights mean that the image you have ordered will be used and appear only at your custom cartoonizer (if you have bought one of the business subscriptions), and we can’t reuse it in any other cartoonizer. The price is higher because we can’t make more revenue from the image in the future.

Non-exclusive means that we can reuse your image in any other cartoonizer or resell it to any other client if we want. The price is lower because the image can be useful or may generate future revenue for us.

Additional information

Image type

Accessory, Background, Body, Building, Character, Gadget, Hair, Object, Vehicle


exclusive, non-exclusive


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