A custom caricature with a special subject is the most personal option for special and really important people. the background, the body, and the accessories are painted without template specially for you per your request! You have to describe exactly what you want to be in the caricature, for example: “John is riding on a brown horse, wearing cowboy clothes and hat, with a gun in his right hand and laptop in the left. Seattle city is in the background, sky with stars, the road made of 0/1 numbers like in the Matrix movie. Big title in the top right corner: “JohNeo”, small text in the left bottom corner: “Love, Marry. August 2018”.

The best idea is to explain your idea visually with our new SKETCH BUILDER, because one picture worth thousands of words.

As soon as you submit the order, we start the work and in a day or two send you a version for approval. If needed, we fix it according to your comments and send you an updated file by email until you are happy with the result. Finally, you get high-resolution JPG / PDF file of the caricature, ready for printing at home or with any print-on-demand online service.

It takes between 48-72 hours to complete the custom caricature, excluding weekends. The time counts from the moment when our representative approves the photos you have provided, as a good source for the artist’s work. If the photos you have provided are not good enough for the artist, you may be asked to provide a better quality photo/s, then the total turnaround time increases and again starts from the moment the new photo/s were approved by as.

So don’t waste your time, choose and upload sharp and smiling photos, complete the order and let us make a perfect caricature portrait of your beloved one!