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You can create unlimited caricatures for your employees and customers, signed with your brand, insert your products into the caricature, share the editable caricatures and collaborate on it with a lot of fun! Its like 2 products in 1 package – caricature designer + viral interactive marketing tool.
Optionally, for an additional fixed price, we can also draw custom bodies or elements per your request that you can use in your cartoonizer


Your Cartoon Selfie Kiosk / Campaign service details and pricing:


  1. Creating custom cartoonizer landing page , under your brand or even your sub-domain – see sample Page with unique cartoonizer costs $190 one time fee. You need to provide your logo, brand colors and relevant graphic materials. * Coming soon: Custom Android app with your own cartoonizer.
  2. Creating custom cartoon images (optional) or loading your transparent photos of your products “as is” to the clip art gallery (you save custom clip art drawing). Custom cartoon clip art drawing price varies from $100 per cartoon of body/background/transport/animal or about $80 per smaller elements (characters, accessories, gadgets, things, environment, frames).
  3. Creating templates = premade clip art / photos combinations, that allow 2-click cartoon creation. Custom templates with your photos / cartoons creation costs $15 per template, pre-made combination of body, background and cartoon elements, that loads on the screen in one click and allows quick cartoon creation, only adding photo and click “print”.
  4. Cartoonizer usage has 2 alternative pricing models: a. You buy hourly / daily / weekly / monthly / yearly subscription, for fee that depends on estimated traffic to your page. No ads are displayed. You pay a subscription through PayPal and the cartoonizer is opened for an access by your users. b. We display our Adsense / any ads network banners on your cartoonizer page and earn all the profits, while you earn happy users created their cartoons with your products , watermarked by your brand.
  5. Time to market: Depending on complexity in about 2-10 days you get the ready cartoonizer page / images / templates for your review and send us comments for improvement. We make up to 2 fixes rounds to creatives until you are happy with the result.


What you get: Your custom selfie cartoonizer landing page or as Kiosk with the same page shown on touch screen on a trade show, under your brand . Your pavilion or web visitors can create their cartoon selfie images on the fly, with your product from your unique images templates. Alternatively. you can have our general free cartoonizer with all clip art, with your logo embedded on every image that will be created by visitors.


When used at a trade show pavilion, the cartoons can be immediately printed on magnets, posters or any promotional products. Of course, users can share it on your or their social network page or timeline. Create a real buzz among exhibition visitors and great souvenirs for potential clients.  View a sample kiosk UI page


PRO BUSINESS cartoonizer plans

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Select Your Payment Cycle